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Hi, my name is Chirs Belden. I perform every week at least 4 nights a week somewhere in the St. louis area.  I play guitar, harmonica, keyboards and sing with bands and as a single act. I have a degree in Broadcasting and I DJ at local events. I currently play  with different bands, etc. each week at barsm fairs,festivals,etc. I have a variety band "South Central" an oldies show "Golden Oldies Band" a acoustic single act.etc.
I like to create fliers, graphics etc. and I take photographs for many different bands and acts. This is a new site so click here.https://chrisbelden.tripod.com/christopherbeldennewresumenov08
I have a new YOUTUBE site that has all of my videos on it. https://www.youtube.com/user/ChristopherBelden
Alton Telegraph article circa 1998
NEWSPAPER ARTICLES I have been lucky enough to be featured in a few articles . Here are some that you can browse an enlarge by clicking.
"Grampa" Belden 1925
My musical history dates back to my father, and grandfather. I began playing music at an early age, the history page has old photos just published. I have been lucky enough to play interesting places all over the United States and the history page has photos of some of those places.
Chris Belden age 3, 1971


I love to play "boogie Woogie style guitar. Here are some recordings of the different styles I love to play.

This is a "Boogie Woogie" style blues song I recorded to feature my blues guitar playing. This was recorded live, in one take (just improv) using a Fender tele & Fender amp.

This is a funky Robin Trower style song I call "Funkin around town". This is a fast one!
CHRIS BELDEN ACOUSTIC SINGLE ACT,  HUMAN JUKEBOX, ONE MAN BAND, ETC. Playing every great acoustic song ever written! American Pie, Signs, Fire & Rain, Cats in the Craddle, etc. Neal Young, Bob Dylan, Beatles,etc. Tons of great harmonica songs: Piano Man, Heart Of gold, Shanty Mama!

Here is a medely of acoustic songs I recorded featuring "Shanty Mama" etc.


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Performing at the Pagent w/ Next Sunday
THE PAGENT SHOW!  I had the chance to play guitar with a band called Next Sunday , at the Pagent in St.Louis Mo., April 14, 2006 . The show was produced by Ticketmaster and featured 3 other artist. Next Sunday made a "LIVE" recording of the event & plans to post some of the songs on the net.  "I had a blast and the guys were great" Chris
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"Grace" Recorded live @ the PAGENT
Here is a video of my oldies show featuring the song "Love Potion #9" . The oldies show has performed many, many , fairs and festivals in the past few years. This is a vdeo from the PB&J fest in Highland IL.


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DIGITAL DJ SERVICE! Chris Belden runs a digital DJ service featuring thousands of songs on hard drive(computer). Featuring the ULTIMATE DANCE SONGS! Cha Cha Slide, Electric Slide, Macarena, Limbo,Cotton eyed Joe, Chicken Dance, etc. Click on the link to view song lists,prices,etc    (Special rate for Kids parties!!!!!!)